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How will Jupiter's transit through Leo affect your life and choices? A moon sign-wise forecast
On 14-07-2015 at 06:25:25 am IST, the mighty and benevolent planet Jupiter will begin its journey through the Sun-ruled Zodiac Sign Leo. The transiting Jupiter will leave its sign of exaltation, Cancer to enter Leo, where this planet of higher learning and generosity shall continue its transit till 12-08-2016.

When Jupiter is transiting through Leo, it is known as the Singhast Guru, as per the Vedic system of Astrology. Further, as per the holy scriptures, it is believed that the Singhast Guru, which shall continue during 14.07.2015 to 12.08.2016, is unfavourable for performing any auspicious activity, and/or religious ceremony. How does this planetary configuration affect people on an individual level? Here, Ganesha reads the effects of this major transit for every Moon Sign. Read on.

Planetary Influence of Jupiter's Transit in Leo for your Moon Sign


This Jupiter transit looks set to favour the Aries people with academic ambitions and plans, says Ganesha. Guru or Jupiter shall be transiting through the House of Education for your Moon Sign, and that is why you can expect to do well in your studies, endeavours related to education and knowledge. Thus, it will be a good time for students. However, all of you involved in active studies will need to be careful of this planetary configuration, from 10th January 2016 onwards, as from that time the transiting Rahu shall join Jupiter in your House of Education and Learning.

You must remain cautious, as this planetary alliance may distract you severely. Career professionals too will need to take special care from this time, as Rahu's transit may remain adverse for their growth and focus. Ones planning to conceive are being given a green signal by Ganesha, during this Jupiter transit. However, they must take care to go in for regular medical-check-ups, specifically the women of this Sign.


Jupiter will be transiting over the 4th House (related to Comforts) from your Moon Sign. Hence, students pursuing a Master's degree shall manage to perform better in their exams. However, if you can, you should try to submit your Final Project between July 2015 and January 2016, as this will help you avoid the negative influence of the malefic planet Rahu. Individuals born under the Moon Sign Taurus shall also get an opportunity to buy a new house/vehicle, while Jupiter's transit through Leo operates. You can take advantage of these planetary vibes. Also, Taurus natives engaged in the real estate sector and the ones dealing in property matters will need to remain very careful during the period from 10/01/2016 to 09/05/2016.


Jupiter will be transiting through the 3rd House from your Moon Sign, during this particular transit. During its transit through Cancer, Jupiter was transiting through your House of Material Wealth and Family (2nd House), and thus, you may have reaped the happy results of this transit. Now, in comparison to that transit, Jupiter's transit through Leo may only be about average for your Sign. The long-term significance of this transit considerably reduces, given the fact that the 3rd House signifies rather short-term events in one's life. The overall impact may be mixed, as the results may be at times negative too. Nonetheless, travel undertaken during this time shall be beneficial for your Sign. In fact, you may have a very eventful life in this time, with an increased incidence of travel, feels Ganesha.


From 14th July 2015 onwards, the transiting Jupiter will leave your Moon Sign to enter Leo-your 2nd House, related to Wealth and Family. Thus, this transit too shall be largely favourable for Cancer Sign, specifically till January 2016, i.e. before Rahu joins Jupiter in Leo. You can expect financial gains, expansion of your family-addition of new members, profits accruing from past investments, new profitable investments.

However, Ganesha advises you to remain careful post 31st January 2016, as malefic Rahu shall, then, be transiting through the 2nd House from your Sign for the ensuing 1.5 years. At that time, you will need to watch your speech, behaviour and relationships-you may end up investing your trust in wrong people or offending some of your special people by your unpleasant ways. There will also be a possibility of delusions in monetary matters. Thus, you must take appropriate precautions from now onwards.


Jupiter's transit through your Moon Sign, naturally, is a harbinger of good news, more so, as Jupiter will also aspect the Houses related to Education, Marriage and Destiny for your Sign. Eligible and single Leo natives shall be able to proceed with their plans to get married now, feels Ganesha. Leo women expecting a child can also look forward to a positive outcome, and so can the ones planning to conceive a child. To boost the positive effects of this transit, Ganesha advises you to immediately start the practice of offering Abhishek of Panchamrut (Anointing the idol with a mixture of milk, sugar, honey, curd and ghee) to a Shiva-lingam idol. This will help you increase the favourable effects of this transit, and shall also reduce any possible ill-effects of Rahu's malefic transit through your Sign, beginning 31st January 2016. However, time from now till January 2016 shall be a highly opportune one for your Sign, and you must be prepared to take due advantage of it.


During its transit through the Moon Sign Leo, Jupiter will be transiting through the 12th House (connected with Losses, Foreign matters, Expenses for Religious purposes etc.) from your Moon Sign. Thus, Virgo natives who intend to travel to a foreign land must do their best to try and obtain their Visa before January 2016, as the time shall be quite favourable for foreign related matters till then. This period shall also be favourable for planning or hosting a religious ceremony or carry out a religious pilgrimage. Ones who wish to change their job or area of career should also be ready to take advantage of this period, but they will also have to be prepared to relocate, as this will broaden their avenues-which is the work of Jupiter. Overall, though, real effect of this transit on your career shall depend on the planetary alignments getting formed in your Birth Chart.


Jupiter's transit through the Moon Sign Leo shall take place in the 11th House from your Sign. This House is associated with gains, self-fulfilling, friends, security, recovery from illnesses or setbacks. Thus, it is understandable that the positive Jupiter's transit through this House shall boost all these positive outcomes, and bring happy times for Libra natives. You can expect to perform well on the academic and financial front. Ones willing to study further too shall have the stars in their favour. Plus, Ganesha notes that Jupiter shall be aspecting your House of Progeny/Children/Creativity for your Sign. Thus, if your Personal Horoscope has the auspicious planetary combinations for child-birth, you can expect to be blessed by Lord Jupiter's benign influence at this time, specifically till January 2016. Thus, you are advised by Ganesha to take concrete steps in this direction and create a firm foundation, before Rahu joins Jupiter in Leo-in January 2016 end.


Jupiter's transit through the 10th House (connected with Karma/Profession) from your Moon Sign is slated to provide you with very good opportunities on the professional front, says Ganesha. Scorpio natives may also decide to pursue an altogether new profession in this duration. In short, this transit may entirely change your perspective about your profession, and may even put you on to the path of growth and contentedness in work, specifically if you take a concrete action in this regard before January 2016. Post this time, in fact, you are likely to get confused and disillusioned, so you must exercise due care, cautions Ganesha. Businessmen born under Moon Sign Scorpio shall succeed in adding new items to their product range or expanding their business. Ganesha also foresees a possibility of your owning a new residence or vehicle, during this period. This transit till January 2016 shall also seem top lessen some of the ill-effects of Saturn's ongoing transit through your Sign.


Jupiter's transit through Leo shall take place in the 9th House (related to Destiny) from your Moon Sign. This House is also called as the Fortune House, and thus you can expect this transit to be pretty favourable for your Sign, says Ganesha. Jupiter is the natural ruler of your Sign, and thus it can be expected to provide you with new opportunities. Jupiter's transit through Leo shall also pave for you new paths to progress. This time shal also be wonderful for giving vent to your eternal wanderlust, as you may also tend to travel frequently during this time. You may also visit a religious destination or undertake a pilgrimage, and quite possibly a shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva (one of the divine Jyotirlingas) in this time, feels Ganesha. Do everything with due care, post January 2016, though, as Rahu entering Leo from thence may scatter the benign effects of Jupiter.


For the Moon Sign Capricorn, Jupiter's transit through Leo shall take place in the 8th House (associated with Obstructions). There may be expenses in this time. Ganesha advises you to avoid starting any new projects or investing heavily at this time, or your funds may get blocked. You would also do well to refrain from lending money to anyone, since the borrower may not return the due amount. Overall, the beneficent Jupiter's transit through Leo seems to be less favourable for the Capricorn natives. Hence, you should immediately start the practice of reciting prayers related to planet Jupiter, like reading Datta Bavani. You may also worship your religious leader or spiritual teacher. Ganesha also suggests you to wear a Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) gemstone, weighing more than 4 carats, embedded in gold, to boost your luck and prospects in this time.


Ganesha observes that Jupiter's transit in Leo shall be taking place in the 7th House (related to partnerships, marriage and relationships) for the Moon Sign Aquarius natives. This shall, obviously, be a good and fortunate period for the people waiting to get married. In case your marriage has been delayed, you can expect to get positive results till January 2016. The Aquarius males, whose marriage seems to be stuck, owing to delay and obstructions may get Arka Vivaah Pooja done, while the Aquarius females may get Kumbh Vivaah Pooja done. This will boost your chances of getting married in this period, assures Ganesha. In short, this Jupiter transit shall bring happy planetary tidings for your marriage-related issues, and thus, you must remain prepared to take full advantage of the same.


The Ruler of your Moon Sign is Jupiter. And, the transiting Jupiter will be transiting through your 6th House (connected with health and diseases), as it moves through Leo. Thus, you will need to pay due attention to your health in this time. If you happen to be a diabetic or a borderline hyper-tensive, you will need to be specially careful, says Ganesha. Your weight, sugar levels, fat percentage are likely to hit the roof, if you do not take care. Individuals willing to change their job must take a decision before January 2016, as this will help you secure a good position. However, if you end up missing that chance, you may face some difficulties in your job or confusion about your career later on.

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